The Brief

Throughout the entirety of 2023, L’AGENCY served as Vitakruid’s partner for influencer management and content production. Our primary objective was to generate a refined seeding strategy and provide ongoing support to the brand when it came to UGC content productions. Additionally, we facilitated several collaborations with in-house talents such as Arie Boomsma, Lisa goes Vegan, Romy Boomsma, Coco Sabajo and Pepijn Lanen, ensuring seamless partnerships that aligned with Vitakruid’s positioning.



We started with the creation of an in-depth seeding strategy base and defined various pillars for product association, including sports, motherhood, and veganism. We ensured thorough management of all seeding activities, from initial outreach to follow-ups, feedback collection, and content gathering. In addition to seeding, we conceptualized and produced full shoot days, with our talent and creative director Nicole Huisman providing invaluable support in both concept development and production. Embracing authenticity, we tapped into our target groups by portraying real and representative individuals, first and foremost ensuring relatability of the content. Tailored storylines were composed for each target group across different phases of the marketing funnel, from attracting attention to driving engagement and facilitating purchases.


The Result

Our curated seeding list originated a solid community for Vitakruid and yielded a strong return of earned user-generated content, with this organic content creation process significantly increasing brand awareness among our targeted demographics. The content produced by L’AGENCY was further characterized by its authenticity and relatability, making it ideal for integration across Vitakruid’s paid media channels.