Lena is back!

December 21, 2021

L’AGENCY founder Lena is back from maternity leave

Some of you may have noticed that L’AGENCY founder Lena has been out of office for a little while. With good reason of course: in August, Lena became the proud mom of her beautiful daughter Maeve. To celebrate her coming back last November, we prepared some questions to ask Lena now that she is combining motherhood and being our favourite power- and headlady.

What has been the best thing about being a mom?
L: Everything! The love you feel for your little one, the baby that has grown inside of me to a little human, is beyond everything I have experienced so far. Seeing her grow and connect, but also sharing this with Joost is just the best and gave our lifes a new dimension.

Does Maeve’s arrival in this world change your perspective on business at all?
L: Not really, my private life became more meaningful so it maybe gave some perspective but furthermore I still love my job and especially the autonomy it gives me. I think it even makes me a better mom as I experience missing her during the day and therefore enjoy the moments I have with her to the fullest.

What is something you have learned now that you are a mom?
L: Patience! I don’t have that much patience to be honest, but it already started during pregnancy and continues now: you need to be patient with yourself, with your husband / boyfriend (which is sometimes hard after no sleep hehe sorry Joost) and of course with her. Not only in behaviour but for example also in your body bouncing back to how it was and about having some spare time with friends or your partner which is rare. Besides this I think I realised more than ever to live in the moment, as every moment is new and everything with your newborn passes so quickly!

Did you find it hard to let go of work?
L: At first I thought it was too soon, for me but especially for her. I think maternity leave of 4 months is way too short and actually pretty conservative. At least 6 months would be so much more appropriate. Your baby needs and wants you and the first 2 months are so intense of finding out everything, therefore you should also have some time together (actually not just the two of you but incl. your partner, also to make sure we tighten the gap between men and women) in which you can enjoy things even more and be there in the moment with your new little family.

We are beyond excited to have Lena back in the team.

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