L’AGENCY Explains | Trendwatch 2023

January 17, 2023

To allow you a head start in the new year, this L’AGENCY Explains is your go-to-guide to 2023’s ones to watch.

Creator-based platforms are here to stay. When considering creator-based apps, TikTok most likely takes the reins: the idea of being a creator dominates its structure, as avid posters are the ones responsible for and rewarded with setting off ubiquitous trends, challenges and viral videos. To fairly acknowledge the impact top-tier creators can have, TikTok and other platforms such as LinkedIn have invested in so-called creator funds, to “share content, spark conversations, and build community”.


It is what is on the inside that counts, right? According to WWD, fashion houses and brands are bringing more and more creators in-house, as they are looking for creative leaders who have the attention and momentum of the internet already at their hands: seasoned social media virtuosos with an enviable creative network and the ability to expertly inspire a community are crowned  the face of brands or awarded roles in the creative directive.


Quality over quantity. Due to the rise of TikTok’s renowned mystery of an algorithm, 2022 was marked by and increasing pressure to post often to grow effectively and even an over-posting taboo on Instagram. 2023 will be the year of returning to a quality over quantity supremacy, replenished with seasonal content as creators are looking to make their lives a little easier and plan their content more strategically.


Creator-owned brands on the rise. Creators will increasingly inspire to run their own brands and revel in the generous creative freedom that comes with doing so.


Instagram goes back to its roots. In true power to the people spirit, the platform has been given its users more autonomy in their feeds, and is expected to balance its features as it leans back into a focus on image, instead of video.


Cross-channel posting, but do it wisely. The abundance of new channels emerging over these past years has caused and encouraged creators to spread their content across multiple platforms. Rather than recycling your content and making as few changes as possible, we recommend you use cross-posting to tailor your content in a way that fits best to each particular platform, allowing you to effectively achieve your KPIs across the anew widened scope of opportunity.


Unexpected competitors: TikTok & Google. Research has shown that nearly 40% of Gen Z’ers prefer TikTok over Google when it comes to online searches, by cause of their notorious TikTok fluency and aversion towards Google’s ads. TikTok will expectedly further develop their search-ability, competing with Google’s review and nearby content features in their own and ever so groundbreaking ways.

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