L’A Explains part 2 | Influencer Management

June 13, 2023

L’AGEN5Y’s Influencer Management & Marketing guide. Part 2.

Welcome to this exclusive multi-part L’AGENCY Explains series, dedicated to a unique peek into our expertise when it comes to managing and matchmaking: the art of combining the strengths of social media’s finest talents with the right brand and everything that comes with that. A series created in honour of 5 years of L’AGENCY legacy. Today we take a dive into the numbers pool, multiplying cold statistics into meaningful insights and using them to paint a bigger and personalised picture.


Run those numbers. As an influencer marketing agency, your ability to leverage relevant statistics is crucial for positioning yourself as a trusted and knowledgeable professional in the field. By utilising these statistics effectively, you can demonstrate the value and impact of the creatives you represent and influencer marketing as a whole to potential partners or stakeholders.


Size doesn’t matter. Whereas highly visible numbers such as following count do come into play when putting influencers in tiers such as micro, macro and nano, it is important to keep in mind that these do not always reflect the actual significance of matching a creator to campaigns. Size in the end may not always have its own particular and linear impact on engagement rates, overall impact and actual influence. At L’AGENCY we tend to look at the ways in which creators can contribute to their partner’s needs, goals and KPI’s while keeping in mind that each and every one of them has their own unique selling points, beyond follower count.


Vanity metrics. In the realm of strategic management and marketing, it is thus essential to adopt a perspective that extends beyond surface-level metrics. As an agency, we of course know how to appreciate the visual appeal and artistic aspects of the content and statistics presented to us. However, we are mindful that relying solely on so-called vanity metrics can be misleading.


From touch-point to triumph. We believe in emphasising touch-points and benchmarks that provide more meaningful insights. These actionable indicators may include for example sentiment analysis, brand recognition, awareness levels, and referral rates. By combining both quantitative and qualitative statistics, we align these metrics with the unique qualities possessed by our talents. It can be mindful to leverage the power of data to uncover the story behind the numbers, guide strategic decision-making, and ultimately propel your creatives into profitable opportunities.

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