L’A Explains | Influencer Management 101

April 20, 2023

L’AGEN5Y’s Influencer Management & Marketing guide. Part 1.

Welcome to this exclusive multi-part L’AGENCY Explains series, dedicated to a unique peek into our expertise when it comes to managing and matchmaking: the art of combining the strengths of social media’s finest talents with the right brand and everything that comes with that. A series created in honour of 5 years of L’AGENCY legacy. Today’s theme is all about the making of special connections, because we are definitely in our feels amidst our anniversary revelry.


Let’s get back to basics. Influencer marketing has become quite the buzzword and a go-to solution to making products, services or events stand out, as a revolutionary addendum to word-of-mouth advertising. Influencers are more than marketing tools however, but can be seen as social connection assets: their main gain lies in the trust that exists between them and their following which makes them authenticity-abound.


Let’s talk about trust, baby. At L’AGENCY however, we believe this trust extends way further than to just that of the bond between influencer and follower. Trust is one of the main ingredients of successful influencer managing, as it allows you to cultivate longterm relationships that will make collaborations prosper. This trust touches on transparency both on- and offline, but is also important between brand and talent. As an agency, we guard the creative freedom of our creators through endorsing a certain amount of trust between us, our talents and the brands we work with.


Matchmaking. Exploring and encountering the right match is a pivotal part of influencer management. A perfect fit between the brand’s ethos and a creator comes from an alignment in target audience, profile pillars, personality, aesthetics, tone of voice and so on. At L’AGENCY we meticulously determine if both parties are staying on-brand when collaborating, so as to ensure content blends well with its organic counterpart on both channels. Wheras as an agency we take on the role of middle (wo)man, we make matches in which both actors know an intrinsic catalyst will ensure a match made in heaven.


Cultivate relationships. We’re all about mixing business with pleasure, but we don’t just live by this motto in it’s most obvious sense: maintaining relationships and investing the same amount of time you would colleagues and friends, leads to meaningful collaborations that are ultimately reflected in the quality of the content produced. Giving talents the opportunity, time and creative space to discover a brand most naturally leads to them getting to love the brand and everything it stands for. At L’AGENCY we prioritise the building of longterm collaborations that hold online and offline. Real relationships create genuine results. This means not shying away from the occasional reach-out and check-in, working intensively with brands to create creator-tailored campaigns and

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