Boom Nutritions

Boom Nutritions

The Brief

Boom Nutritions, a supplement brand by Arie Boomsma, Manon van Essen ( and Lena Sommerdijk (L’AGENCY), was in need of a comprehensive brand strategy and a fresh new visual identity. The strategy aimed to embrace all ingredients necessary to position the brand as a unique lifestyle brand, appealing to the high performers in life. This included developing a content strategy, rollout plan, and (influencer) marketing campaigns. L’AGENCY was granted carte blanche to reintroduce the brand, leveraging its already stellar products.



To ensure alignment among all stakeholders, we held strategy sessions to stimulate creativity and gather input. This served as the foundation for developing different brand angles, which formed the basis of the Boom brand’s unique hooks. Concurrently, we collaborated with strong visual storyteller Romy Boomsma to brainstorm ideas for the visual identity, particularly focusing on packaging design.

Ultimately, we positioned Boom as a holistic lifestyle brand, offering our target audiences the basis to blossom and integrating Arie’s already strongly championed vision on routines. Building upon this base, we devised a content strategy with distinct content pillars to facilitate the creation of appealing and engaging content. Additionally, we conceptualize campaign ideas on a quarterly basis to drive revenue via the webshop, and create the brand awareness Boom deserves.


The Result

The 2024 strategy has solidly defined the direction of Boom, as we seize the morning in terms of breakfast by focusing on the hero product: Groenemorgen Greens. This year, L’AGENCY will roll out a 360 degree (influencer) marketing campaign, produce social content and organise an offline activation, all in line with the content pillars and in partnership with proud Boom-advocate Arie. Conquering the market, one scoop at a time.