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Sézane Social Campaign

Our L’AGENCY family consists of unique individuals who know like no other that combining creative strengths can make magique happen: together with longterm partner Sézane, we fully produced an in-house influencer campaign that allowed our talents to promote the French brand and their newly opened pop-up store in the heart of Amsterdam in the way they know best.


Superstar stylist Nicole Huisman welcomed Teesh Rosa, Romy Boomsma, Nina Pierson and Coco Centeno to Amsterdams most fashionable hotline to Paris and guided them in finding their inner Parisiennes with an out-of-the-box approach to classic French fashion. Each leaving the store with looks worthy of showing off, the creators shared their personal must-visits around Amsterdam, letting their followers in on their favourite way to experience the city in true spirit of the campaign: Amsterdam, mon amour! Establishing a unique connection of our cherished city to French finery.


The campaign resulted in 5 engaging Reels and 13 dedicated story slides swarming with wardrobe inspiration, which gained a total reach of 386K and above average engagement rate of 4,8%. With a wealth of experience in the world of social media campaigns, gained from working with both talents and brands, we know how to deliver extensively tailored one-of-a-kind campaigns, dedicated all the way through from concept to creation to an intensive statistics report in which we outline and evaluate our campaign results. Leave it to L’AGENCY to deliver entirety in expertise.