The Brief

We organized an event dedicated to Marie-Stella-Maris’ innovative Waterless Concentrated Sustainable Hair Care, a new line featuring both shampoo and conditioner. Our goal was to establish a strong and favourable association between Marie-Stella-Maris, haircare, and sustainability, and to ensure that selected press and influencers were in attendance to generate compelling content around the event.



We curated an authentic salon ambiance by selecting a highly artistic hair salon near De School as our venue. To enrich the experience, we arranged engaging talks by sustainability advocate Marieke Eyskoot and hair expert Daan Kneppers. These discussions were rounded off with insights from Marie-Stella-Maris’ sustainability manager, who provided guests with a deeper understanding of the products. Attendees were able to enjoy a delightful breakfast prepared by Smukke during the talks, featuring perfectly tailored dishes which were complemented with the natural ingredients that are also found in the Concentrated Haircare Line. To top this all off, guests were treated to Japanese head massages incorporating the new products, culminating in a truly immersive and memorable event.


The Result 

We generated 27 pieces of earned content, distributed among 9 influencers and 2 journalists, along with 3 clippings in both online and print magazines. Guests were captivated by the speakers and venue, and truly enjoyed the inspiring and educational breakfast experience.