The Brief

We crafted three unique concepts for three UGC influencer campaigns tailored for TikTok and Instagram, handling everything from production organization to influencer briefings and final asset management. The Kiehl’s Benelux team sought creative assistance for their annual friends & family sale, and we stepped in to deliver. Alongside providing three creative concepts, art direction, and styling, L’AGENCY managed the entire shoot day and oversaw both pre and post-production processes.



We aimed to capture Kiehl’s brand values while infusing our signature creative touch into three concepts within a tight timeframe. Drawing inspiration from their best practices in the USA, we tailored the approach to the local Benelux market. To elevate the campaigns, we incorporated engaging visuals and dynamic motion design, amplifying each theme across Meta and TikTok platforms. Additionally, we composed a unique influencer briefing based on a TikTok sound, which we revamped into a distinct motivational skincare routine audio.

The Result

Despite tight deadlines, the L’AGENCY team efficiently coordinated the entire project within just two weeks. Collaborating with two influencers outside our usual roster, Robbert Rodenburg and Sarah Puttemans, we ensured the content produced was suitable for their own channels as well. The result: three campaigns, each with four assets per influencer and spanning three languages – totalling an impressive 72 assets.