The Brief

When Caudalie CEO Mathilde Thomas visits The Netherlands, there is a cause for celebration. It fell to L’AGENCY to ensure the event received the attention it deserved by inviting the right crowd to generate buzz. The event centered around the latest Resveratrol Lift collection, with the aim of maximizing earned exposure.



We curated an intimate setting at Studio Lindengracht to authentically convey Caudalie’s values and the essence of the brand. Press were invited for an exclusive morning session, offering them the opportunity to personally meet CEO Mathilde Thomas. Later in the day, we hosted an influencer lunch featuring a three-course menu inspired by both French and Dutch cuisine, merging the worlds of Caudalie and L’AGENCY and mirroring the ingredients of the Resveratrol Lift collection (yes, including grapes!). After the lunch, guests had the chance to undergo a skin analysis and engage in an insightful Q&A session with Mathilde, delving into the intricacies of the Caudalie brand.


The Result

Team Caudalie expressed their satisfaction with the support provided by L’AGENCY: “It was fantastic collaborating with such a proactive and hands-on team that was consistently available and adaptable. Every detail was expertly managed.” The event coverage generated a substantial reach of 3.25 million and generated a minimum earned media value of €63.38K, along with securing at least one in-depth interview in JAN Magazine.