Balmain Hair

Balmain Hair

The Brief

In 2023, Balmain Hair Couture sought a PR partner in The Netherlands to bolster their B2C and B2B marketing efforts. While the brand already boasts strength, there was a need to cultivate a robust ‘Balmain Army’ of creators who are able effectively engage with the desired audience, while embodying the high-quality look and feel of the brand.



For the past year now, L’AGENCY has been instrumental in amplifying Balmain Hair’s social presence by strategically positioning their products and brand name with talents within and beyond our portfolio. Our primary focus has been on cultivating a Balmain Army: we carefully selected an exclusive group of creators and ensured they were aligned with the Balmain Hair vision. Through strategic seeding, we generate product and brand visibility, while we nurture the partnership with profiles that authentically elevate the Balmain Hair brand and eventually evolve into genuine ambassadors.  Additionally, our thought leadership events provide key accounts with educational sessions and personalized presentations, all delivered in the signature clean, high-end, and luxurious ‘l’exquisité française’ style synonymous with Balmain. The latest L’AGENCY event organized was an exclusive ambassador dinner, themed around Balmain Hair’s iconic Heritage perfumes and commemorating the brand’s 50th anniversary.


The Result

We’ve created a vast group of ambassadors and consistently provide them with products and treatments. As for our recent event commemorating Balmain Hair’s 50th anniversary, we saw remarkable engagement with 40 content pieces shared by 15 guests, including 11 influencers and 5 journalists. Additionally, we secured coverage in prestigious publications such as Vogue, ELLE, JAN Magazine, and NSMBL, resulting in a total of 5 press clippings.