Nicole Huisman for SUITE702

March 13, 2022

Nicole Huisman kicked off a new concept on SUITE702: the all-star stylist is the first official bedMATE of the month! And not without reason, as creative collaborator she has fully thought out and developed the concept together with SUITE702, which makes her more than worthy of this honourable mention. Nicole continues to work with the brand as bedMATE photographer, taking a peek into the homes of big-name creatives, with the latest bedMATE of the month-names including none other than Lex Pott and Sabine Marcelis.


Meant to be a ‘pass along’ concept, the bedMATE welcomes SUITE702 into their home (and bed) for a pillow talk-esque Q&A. An intimate moment with an inspiring and creative individual, centered around the reassurance, comfort and even creative ambience they experience in their beloved sleeping quarters. The concept seamlessly captures the gentle and personal feel of a day well-spent in bed. At L’AGENCY we are proud to have managed such a lovely partnership, that initiates an enlightening series of undoubtedly intriguing bedMATES.

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