Newest team additions

June 29, 2022

At L’AGENCY we are proud to say that the exciting projects and collaborations that have characterised these past busy months, have made it possible to enrich our team with some refreshing new additions. Which is why starting June, we excitedly welcomed Leonie Zijlstra as our WE CREATE Sr. Project lead, to fully extend and translate our brand-marketing ventures in line with the savoir-faire we embody. Linda Urbano Tanis also joined the team as our newest Project Manager, a function with which she will support our WE REPRESENT pillar, representing and managing the heavenly matches between our talents and the right brands.

Leonie has over 15 years of experience in the media and marketing-sphere, working with brands such as Ace & Tate, Burberry and Levi’s. With her extensive network and insight on the ways of work from both client- and desk point of views, she brings an invaluable knowledge on what can make projects most beneficial and effective for all the parties involved. Which is exactly why Leonie will pick up and further develop the WE CREATE branch of our agency: best get ready for some exciting new expansions of our portfolio.

Linda has worked as a digital marketeer for several companies before combining her love for music and stats as a data analyst for Warner Music: not a formula on Excel she won’t have mastered, making her a regular numeric mastermind. This practical go-getter with her fiery personality (and extensive taste in music), will surely bring a revitalising breeze to our office days.

Big plans and inspiring visions for L’AGENCY, we can now start to realise with these bright minds in our midst. Welcome Leonie and Linda!

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