New Talents | Pepijn Lanen & Coco Sabajo

April 14, 2023

The L’AGENCY family is enriched by two creativity sensations, that happen to also be the parents of a beautiful family of four. Welcome Pepijn and Coco!


Words, fashion, fatherhood and lifestyle are abundant in definition: leave it to Pepijn Lanen, also known as Faberyayo, to astound us with his artful expressions of these elements time after time. Not only is his work original as much as he is the original: an archetype of hiphop music in The Netherlands, the blueprint of its fashion. He is an imaginary able to give soul to abstract words and concepts, an icon able to give brands an elevated level of cool that is uniquely and distinctly his own.


Coco Sabajo is a personal trainer, coach, spirited mother and all-round positivity patron. Just as much as she is able to set a devoted yet factual tone when it comes to health, fitness and whatever may entail an agile lifestyle, she voices her admiration for all that is love and life with a touching accessibility. Coco encourages others to live on their own terms, to find unity in their diverse approaches to lifestyle, motherhood and even fashion. Her good- faith charming honesty leaves its mark on everything and everyone.

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