New Talent | Widya Soraya

January 5, 2023

A positive energy, self-love and spirituality bolstering bombshell, Widya Soraya is the embodiment of boasting how social media is not just a place for showcasing only the finer things in life. Honesty might well be her middle name, as she takes her following along her journey of healing and mental health across her devoted platforms and communities on YouTube, TikTok and Instagram alike. Ever so empowering, she is also co-host of the top-chart-perching podcast De Online Sisterhood together with likeminded bestie Coco Centeno, in which the two renowned mental guides touch on topics both deep and diverting; creating an online safe space for their following through documenting what their frank daily talks and self-reflections entail.

Widya is the ultimate cool girl. Not just because of her ace sense of fashion, picturesque fine line tattoos or awe-inspiring approach to being a mother to her daughter Mia, but by virtue of how she takes on life and its hurdles with a genuine confidence and aims to help others do the same. Her intuition and passion for life have made this affirmation-guru come as far as she has and will go, and with her expert eye for content, fashion and all that alludes to aesthetics, this proudly dedicated scorpio is bound to sweep us off our feet time and time again.

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