Meet the Interns 2022

October 6, 2022

Meet the Interns: Summer 2022

Part of our dedicated team is the ever so important Allround Intern and this time around, we were fortunate enough to have two interns. Introducing: Lynese Lopes & Hanna Kohn.

Tell us a little bit more about yourself.

Hanna: I am now in the final year of my fashion & branding studies at AMFI. With my background in graphic design, I have an obsession for digital design & content creation. I am happiest when editing a TikTok video or writing a caption. You also make me very happy with coffee on a sunny terrace.

Lynese: I’m 21 years old and studying Leisure & Events Management at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam. I obtained my degree in media management, so you can say that I have a love for creating and managing creative projects. My favorite thing to do is going out for dinner at a nice restaurant with friends, family, or my boyfriend.

How did you find out about L’AGENCY and what drew you to it?

Lynese: I work as a freelancer as well, for which I contacted Lena, the founder of L’AGENCY, for a project I was working on. When we met, she told me they were still looking for a new intern. I instantly got excited because project & talent management is something that really interests me.

Hanna: I’ve been following L’AGENCY’s instagram for quite some time. This, because of their inspiring content and beautiful range of talents. A friend of mine had a showroom in the same building as where L’AGENCY’s previous office was. Every time I passed by and saw L’AGENCY’s nameplate, I thought, who knows, maybe this could be a nice place for an internship. When I actually had to choose an internship and started approaching companies, I sent my first email to L’AGENCY, and yes, I was hired!

What do you think it’s like to work in the world of influencer marketing and social media?

Lynese: I think it is a fascinating field where you can learn a lot, because there are new trends and developments all the time and they can change very quickly. You should be able to respond to that when creating new strategies and projects. This is something I’m particularly interested in.

What do you wish to learn during your internship at L’AGENCY?

Hanna: I hope to learn more about the entire process of an influencer campaign. How do you ensure a good match? How does a briefing work and how are statistics kept? I also hope to be able to participate in productions and help with concept and content creation processes. Besides, I would like to further develop my writing style as well. Along with images, I find copy very interesting too.

What is it like working together? And in what areas can you learn from each other?

Hanna: It’s a lot of fun working with Lynese. We complement one another very well because we have different skills and passions, in my opinion. It is also nice to be able to spar about projects. This is different when you are the only intern at a company.

Lynese: I really like working with Hanna! I learn from her as well. She is strong when it comes to creative writing. So, if I have questions or when I need inspiration for a text I can always ask Hanna. We both have our own tasks, but it’s good to always have a partner to brainstorm with.

Their special talents:

Graphic design and editing are Hanna’s special talents. She has a keen eye for detail.

Lynese’s special talent is working on productions like events and shoots. Along with managing and tracking the timetable.

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