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September 13, 2022

Is IG candid challenges a BeReal-beating feature?

Instagram has recently confirmed to be in the midst of developing a brand new feature called the IG Candid Challenges: a photo-centric feature that presents users with a daily yet randomly-timed notification, challenging them to share their authentic selves and honest settings within a two-minute window. Sound familiar?


A BeReal-beating feature? The potentially newest attribute to your Instagram feed is argued to be an almost exact copy of booming social media phenomenon BeReal. With the same “challenge” and signature dual-camera capability, the app nudges its users to share less slick and more spontaneous snaps of their lives. No filtering, editing or preferably even glossiness allowed: this real-time capture is supposed to present a genuine peek into your day to day.


Another one bites the dust. Whereas it’s unsure how far along the development process of this new candid feature is and when and if we can expect it to launch, employees of Instagram are said to already be enjoying the so-called internal prototype version. With nothing set in stone quite yet, it is obvious Instagram is eyeing its competitor in the ranks, and is looking at the platform for inspiration. Just like it has previously and reputably done so with platforms like Snapchat and TikTok, in the race for relevance.


Taking a step back from the video vow. Both high- and low-profile celebrities and influencers have recently spoken up on the platform about their dislike of the what may be called copy-cat behaviour that Meta seems to assert with their successive and stirring latest updates. They unite in their preference of Instagram returning to its roots: interestingly, the platform seems to repudiate their anterior vow of devoting their development to the potential of video content with this possibly new photo-sharing style. Perhaps this new feature could be the perfect opportunity for Instagram to calm the wealth of critique they received over the last months, while still attracting the younger generations that seem to have fallen for the BeReal appeal.

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