L’A Interns 2021/2022

September 2, 2021

L’AGENCY introduces

Part of our dedicated team is the ever so important Allround Intern position: today we look back on the past five months with Myrthe van der Vaart as an Allround Intern at L’AGENCY. We also introduce Karlijn Louis, who will start as the new L’AGENCY intern.

Myrthe, what was it like to work in the world of influencer marketing and social media?
Myrthe: I feel that I have finally mastered the communicative part of working in this field during these last months. I also found it interesting to see how the strategic decisions are made behind the scenes. Content is not just posted, there is a concept and story behind all of it.

What is the biggest lesson you learned during your internship at L’AGENCY?
Myrthe: Because of the Corona crisis it was difficult for me to get a job, so I opted for an internship. My biggest lesson during this internship has been that such an investment in yourself is definitely worth it, because it has clearly paid off. Because of this internship I now have a new job.

What feels like your biggest win during your internship period?
Myrthe: I have previously worked in places where I did not feel 100% at home because of the colleagues I had there, but at L’AGENCY I did. That feels like a real victory.

And finally, is there something you would like to pass on to your successor all-round intern?
Myrthe: Make sure that you keep an overview and that you meet the deadlines. The moment you fulfil all your tasks as an intern with enthusiasm and meet all your deadlines, you will notice that the more fun assignments come to you automatically. In other words, hard work pays off.

Karlijn, what do you hope to add during your internship at L’AGENCY?
Karlijn: I hope that together with Elena I can ensure that the new Brand Identity is fully and correctly rolled out across L’AGENCY’s social channels. And of course that I can support everyone where necessary and that I can organise and record the tasks of interns as clearly as possible for future interns.

Is there anything you would like to learn during your internship as an all-rounder?
Karlijn: I am curious to see what it will be like to keep my affairs in order in practice and I am really looking forward to developing myself in that area. I also hope to learn all the ins and outs of the work field of the influencer world, which I have been curious about for years now.

Karlijn’s special talent: textuality

Contact information:
Karlijn Louis

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