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Vitakruid UGC Campaigns

L’AGENCY Brands joined forces with one of our healthiest longterm partners, Vitakruid, taking on the extensive production of the brand’s UGC Campaigns. Destined for Vitakruid’s Meta and TikTok channels with ads created to tailor to each platform, we work with both in-house talent and the right advocates outside of our portfolio.


Together with Vitakruid, our team resorts to our savvy know-how when it comes to selecting the right ambassadors, meant to guide and consult their specific target group and introduce them to the supplement sphere. We enforce each match with the right organic storyline which we then execute from top to bottom, from first draft of the narrative to the recording of the actual voice-over. Filming, photography and editing activities are carried out by both our team as well as trusted creatives within our network, such as Monika Vaškorová and Jouke Bos.


Having already worked with names as Geraldine Kemper, Gwen van Poorten and our very own Coco Sabajo, Nina Pierson and Arie Boomsma thus far, each campaign and its hero talent is meticulously matched with and targeted to right niche, aligning with the brand’s pillars. A health- and data-driven campaign that is all about composing and combining each storyline, KPI and pillar with the right parallel advocate.