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PR Strategy & Media for So Simple

So Simple is Rens Kroes’s latest addition to her cookbook sequences: an edition dedicated to accessible recipes that can be made within minutes, giving you all the more time to actually enjoy what you’ve made with friends and family.


And while less might be more when it comes to this cookbook filled with simple yet savory recipes, to rightfully introduce this cookbook to the media sphere L’AGENCY Brands took to a dedicated PR and social guidance strategy to make the most of it.


We reached out and pitched So Simple to a variety of media, including print, television, social and online, and set up interviews and articles with likeminded partners that put both So Simple and Rens in a desirable limelight. With So Simple appearing in media none other than RTL Boulevard and Cosmopolitan, we acquired a total reach of 10.6 million divided over a range of 26 clippings: illustrating the significance of our expertise when it comes to making brands come alive.


To gain relevance on a platform with ample opportunity for food and cooking content, we also aided Rens in content creation, strategy and management on a brand-new So Simple TikTok channel. With our consultancy and guidance in concept creation and execution, the channel went from 0 to 30 engaging and shareable videos with a total of 67K views and above average 4,2% engagement rate. L’AGENCY Brands took on a hands-on and tailored approach, assisting Rens to a tee whilst implementing our knowledge on creating social buzz.