Romy Boomsma for Crisp

Romy and Arie’s fondness of sustainable delivery service Crisp has been a four year affair, as they were part of the first batch of contended Crisp clients: the parents-of-three are no stranger to the practicable value of convenience the brand offers, through their mission of facilitating the quest for quality eating by making good food more accessible. To enlighten their following on the blissful ease of having the ability to cook fresh and nutritious meals without having to roam endless farmers’ markets in advance, Arie and Romy teamed up with Crisp to compose and write out the hit-recipes they can’t get enough of at the Boomsma household. Six fully vegetarian and characteristically tempting meals, inspired by their personal repertoire of recipes that have been passed on for generations, and by whatever their garden offers them. The uncomplicated recipes serve as an enticing taste of dinner inspiration, while Arie and Romy show an inspiring dedication to exhibiting the joys of eating varied natural ingredients to their children, even when an all-too-familiar busy schedule may make it seem impossible to achieve.