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Production for Olivia Lonsdale

Olivia Lonsdale, one of the most promising faces in the Dutch film world, showcased her talent for filmmaking in video content created for Scotch & Soda channels worldwide under our guidance. The production and screenwriting by Olivia matches her signature timeless and artful style and perfectly encompasses the essence of free spirit and summer-sweet adventures, that Scotch & Soda zealously communicates as a fashion brand. The actress knows just how to create and capture a unique self-expression.

During the process of brainstorming and content creation we offered our guidance, while taking on the role of project management and thus any communication with the client. As the result was to be used on Scotch & Soda channels worldwide, we aided Olivia in the process of not only speaking to her usual audience, but that of the brand as well. Original as always, Olivia aspired to stand out from the crowd and gave her own creative spin to what was expected of her.

Edit, Direction & Production by Olivia Lonsdale.

Art Direction