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Production of the Sézane pop-up store Amsterdam

You name it, WE CREATE it. What better way to show how how we make your stories come alive, than through our recent work for French B-corp certified and savoir-faire-pride brand Sézane? An extensive allround project of which we are more than proud to say we have dedicatedly taken on the full production of the Sézane pop-up store, from A to Z.

At the heart of this project has been the brand’s newest rendez-vous venue. A pop-up store has opened its doors to Amsterdam’s Sézane lovers. From research and brainstorm, to location-hunting, renovation and the design within the store by our own interior-virtuoso Liza Chloë, at L’AGENCY we ensured to make this unique and long-awaited venue the heavenliest hotline to Paris. Through devoted teamwork, creativity and expertise, neighbours of the Utrechtsestraat have witnessed the monumental building turn into a contemporary chique retail scene, with original features kept in tact.

A ‘flowers for everyone’ guerrilla marketing activation enlightened 300 lucky Amsterdam residents all about the store opening and brand, whereas out of home media such as abri’s, chalked up sidewalks and lots and lots of posters throughout the city made Sézane an enticing element in the bustling city streets.

In true Sézane fashion, a drenched-in-French event that included petite bites and the opportunity to personalise your first Sézane favourites through embroidery, welcomed the first visitors to the store during Amsterdam Fashion Week last September. The haut monde guests, including some of the fashion world’s finest, and all-day-long queues during the press and public openings illustrate how not solely the event, but also the marketing strategies were thought through to a tee by our team.

Keep an eye out for the upcoming ventures within this collaboration, which will likely include some of your favourite content creators. For now, be sure to stop by the Utrechtsestraat 30 to experience la magique Sézane yourself.

Production: L’AGENCY
Interior by Liza Chloë

Sézane pop-up store Amsterdam


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