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Nina Pierson for Kenkô – Lilja

Nina and Kenkô’s strengths align in more ways than one: both dedicate their platforms to the unique bond between a mother and her little ones. To honour this wondrous agreement and alliance, Nina has been able to create two 100% natural scents in collaboration with the brand. In partnership with Mama’en, Nina’s renowned brand and book on how to prepare for and guide yourself in becoming a mother, they launched the Hugs body, home & linen spray. Motherhood translated into a fine and soft fragrance that you can use during and after pregnancy as a perfume or at home; in the room you are going to give birth in or during intimate moments with your little ones.


More recently, they created (kids) fragrance Lilja, which is an ode to Nina’s precious childhood memories that take her back to serene Summers in the Swedish woods, and combines the personalities of both Nina and her daughters in a calming and delicate scent. A production in which Nina and the L’AGENCY team worked closely together with the Kenkô women, to capture the vision and inspiration behind the scent to a tee, as well as its translation into sweet and endlessly ethereal short film.