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Embracing sustainability, creativity, and expertise, this week we hosted an intimate breakfast event to celebrate the launch of Marie-Stella-Maris’s newest products, the Concentrated Hydrating Shampoo & Conditioner. Having taken care of everything from concept and guest list to coordination and production, we were enthusiastic to welcome many of our own talents as well as other familiar and kind faces. Attendees got to enjoy expert talks on sustainability, industry insights and waterless solutions all while enjoying delicious dishes.


At the core of the event was a profound commitment to sustainability articulated by Marie Eyskoot urging us to redefine norms for the improvement of both our planet and ourselves while Dan Knepper enlightened the more technical aspects of haircare and its fascinating anatomy.


To bring the new products to life, we styled the event and decorated it according to the ingredients of the products. Minimalistic yet rich in essence, the event mirrored the core of dedication to design and attention to detail. At L’AGENCY Brands, we bring brand stories alive and are proud to work with game-changers such as Marie-Stella-Maris today.