Liza Chloë for LILLYDOO

Combining the quotidian duties of motherhood with Liza’s wide array of professional endeavours means having certain things in your day to day taken care of by design. By partnering up with similar minded ‘less is more’ diaper brand LILLYDOO, Liza illustrates that the easing simplicity of having essentials like diapers delivered to your home whenever you want them to is right at your fingertips. Through the intimate moments with her family she captures the comfort of being ready to face every possible adventure when on the go with son Mees, and more importantly so, beyond ready to cherish each precious moment spent together. Throughout this longterm collaboration, Liza does not only flawlessly translate LILLYDOO’s signature brand message into aesthetically pleasing and adorably dainty content, but likewise displays a proficiency in grasping the attention of her following with a personal touch.