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Jordy Casteleijn for Nespresso

With a focus on sustainability Jordy, in collaboration with Nespresso, gives us interesting insights at the recycling programs they have. Every cup of Nespresso coffee should have a positive impact and he likes to propagate this sustainability commitment in his Nespresso moment. He always tends to take an extra step in a collaboration if that means he can spread the sustainable message better. In 2019 he went to the Nespresso factory and photographed their recycling routine, in 2020 he traveled together with their marketing team to Nijmegen to understand more about how our coffee grounds are being used at the high-tech waste management company ARN, and how they turn it into sustainable biogas and compost used by the local busses. In 2021 he performed in their recycling commercial together with his partner Yara.

Client: Nespresso
Services: Long-term Influencer Campaign, Content Creation, Model in commercial, Ambassador & Production