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Nicole Huisman as Podcast host for De Rokkenjagers

The world of fashion can be a crazy, hectic and most of all extensive landscape of inspiration and revelation. Stylist Nicole Huisman and Creative Director Fia Hamelijnck are here to guide you through it. De Rokkenjagers the podcast is your go-to fashion gazette, as the far-out creatives hunt down the latest trends, share their vision of style, scope out the biggest preys in the fashion scene and shoot their shot at helping you develop your own individual style.


What might be small talk to them, makes us want to have a notebook at hand, as Nicole and Fia’s minds whirl through brands big and small, items vintage and prestige and trends worthy or not. These stylish huntresses stand at the top of the fashion food chain with years of experience and an eye for the unprecedented. Ready to break free from the herd?