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BOOM Proteins


Known to be a spokesperson of anything fitness and health related, Arie Boomsma has experienced the trial and error process of using protein to enhance your healthy habits first-hand. With over 30 years of trying hundreds of different brands and products, Arie teamed up with Vitamines.com under the guidance of L’AGENCY, to take matters into his own hands.


The aim: producing a vegan protein that tastes, feels and supports you like no other. BOOM is the sustainable solution to getting your daily dose of protein, granting you the extra energy you need during your work-out. A firm believer of building habits instead of leaning on motivation to maintain your healthy routine and power you through your exercise, Arie’s BOOM protein is the tastiest incentive out there, helping you look forward to your daily bowl, smoothie or shake.


We are proud to have worked closely together with Arie throughout the creation process of the latest of his many accomplishments. In support of an official BOOM launch event planned in the early days of 2023, a L’AGENCY production of the pre-launch campaign ‘BOOM onder de boom’, campaign shoot and inclusive social strategy has given BOOM just the right head-start.

Full co-production for ‘BOOM ONDER DE BOOM’